Worcester Academy Robotics

Welcome to the home of Worcester Academy Robotics. Make sure to come back and check in regularly on everything we are up to!

The final countdown has begun! It is a three-day weekend followed by bag and tag. We are working on finalizing the bumpers, bringing a sewing machine into our robotics lab and teaching some members how they work. This week we added a mechanism to pick up and hold the hatch panels. We also strategized about the specifics […]

This week was a productive week for the MegaRams! Although we experienced some setbacks with busted parts, we were able to fix them with a productive week to follow. Our marketing team secured some big sponsors such as the HYM investment group, Longview Orthopedic Center, ZIQQI, and the Hueson Corporations. The build team was also […]

In the beginning of the week, the field elements team completed the construction of all the necessary components that would be needed to test the robot. We also finished the robot one week ahead of schedule. Our plan was to have the robot completely up and running by Tuesday to begin testing with the field […]

This week we enlisted the help of one of our friends in the Theater Department to help us build a more stable Level 3 of our field elements. Then on Friday we attached the ramp to Level 1 and tested it out with some humans. We also made more progress on the robot, specifically on […]

As our second week of the 2019 build season is drawing to a close, we can look back and see how much progress our team has made in one week. We have started to work on getting our electronics board together and some motors attached to the chassis for our vertical mechanism. We are excited to […]

As the first week of our build season wraps up, we are very happy with the progress our team has made. Our new members have readily embraced the FIRST build season and are excited about continuing to tackle this space themed challenge. We have started to construct various elements of the field. We do not […]

This morning our team met up with other teams from the area at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School in Marlborough, MA for the 2019 FRC Kickoff Event. We started the morning with two breakout classes around topics like safety, programming, team leadership, and much more. During the live stream of Kickoff 2019 we waited […]

We are a group of high school students (and teachers) from Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA. During our Fall Robotics season, we participate in Savage Soccer at WPI. During our Winter Robotics season, we are FIRST Robotics Team 4987 MegaRams.