Build Week 1

As the first week of our build season wraps up, we are very happy with the progress our team has made. Our new members have readily embraced the FIRST build season and are excited about continuing to tackle this space themed challenge.


We have started to construct various elements of the field. We do not have the space to build a full field, but we are excited to have the main elements built for us to see the robot interact with and help the programmers de-bug in the future.


Our build sub-team has almost finished with assembling the AndyMark chassis we purchaced with our Kit-of-Parts. They have been working hard in collaboration with the design team to find an efficent way to attach our vertical mechanisim to the chassis. The prototype of that mechanisim has been created and was working quite well.


We are looking forward to the remaining five weeks of build season and hope that the New England weather doesn’t bring too much snow with the cold snap we are in right now. We don’t want to miss days of build season due to weather.

About WA Robotics

The robotics team from Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA.