Build Week 4

In the beginning of the week, the field elements team completed the construction of all the necessary components that would be needed to test the robot.
We also finished the robot one week ahead of schedule.
Our plan was to have the robot completely up and running by Tuesday to begin testing with the field elements. However, the programming team experienced some bugs that prohibited the robot from performing the way we wanted it to.


On Wednesday, we drove the robot for the first time in the lobby of Kingsley Laboratories.
Some of our seniors gave a presentation on roborio and coding on Thursday. They were working to help educate our newer/younger members about running the robot when they graduate.
When we set up Level 3 in the lobby, Liam decided to take the stage.
This year we are working to have reversible bumpers and have begun to design/build what they will be.
Next week we hope to completely finish the robot and continue to test and drive it.

About WA Robotics

The robotics team from Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA.